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  • Building Executive Information Systems and Other Decision Support Applications

    This authoritative book takes a comprehensive look at Executive Information Systems (EIS), covering what EIS is, how it differs from other applications, and how EIS will be used in the future.

  • The Physical Sciences: An Integrated Approach

    Science is central to daily life. As consumers, we are besieged by new products and processes, not to mention a bewildering variety of warnings about health and safety. As taxpayers, we must vote on issues that directly affect our communities - energy taxes, recycling proposals, and more. A firm grasp of the principles and methods of science will help you make life?s important decisions in a more informed way.

  • Maya Studio Projects Photorealistic Characters

    Create realistic characters with Maya tools and this project-based book Maya character generation tools are extremely sophisticated, and there?s no better way to learn all their capabilities than by working through the projects in this hands-on book. This official guide focuses on understanding and implementing Maya?s powerful tools for creating realistic characters for film, games, and TV. Use a variety of tools to create characters from skeleton to clothing, including hairstyles and facial hair, and learn how to use Performance Capture. A DVD includes supplementary videos, project support files, textures, tools, professional shaders, and more. This project-based book focuses on Maya?s powerful tools for creating realistic characters for TV, film, and games Covers key techniques necessary to make a character work in a professional setting: texturing, sub-surface scattering, hair, fur, homemade motion-capture, muscle systems, and clothing Includes a DVD featuring supplementary videos, project support files, textures, tools, professional shaders, and more An Autodesk Official Training Guide Maya Studio Projects: Photorealistic Characters is an excellent training aid for both Maya newcomers and seasoned pros.

  • Principles of External Auditing

    Principles of External Auditing has become established asone of the leading textbooks for students studying auditing.Striking a careful balance between theory and practice, the bookdescribes and explains, in non-technical language, the nature ofthe audit function and the principles of the audit process. The book covers international auditing and accounting standardsand relevant statute and case law. It explains the fundamentalconcepts of auditing and takes the reader through the variousstages of the audit process. It also discusses topical aspects ofauditing such as legal liability, audit risk, quality control, andthe impact of information technology. Brenda Porter is currently visiting Professor at ExeterUniversity and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.  

  • Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Concept and Methodologies

    A unique, unifying treatment for statistics and science in clinical trials What sets this volume apart from the many books dealing with clinical trials is its integration of statistical and clinical disciplines. Stressing communication between biostatisticians and clinical scientists, this work clearly relates statistical interpretation to clinical issues arising in different stages of pharmaceutical research and development. Plus, the principles presented here are universal enough to be easily adapted in non-biopharmaceutical settings. Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials tackles concepts and methodologies. It not only covers statistical basics such as uncertainty and bias, design considerations such as patient selection, randomization, and the different types of clinical trials but also deals with various methods of data analysis, group sequential procedures for interim analysis, efficacy data evaluation, analysis of safety data, and more. Throughout, the book: * Surveys current and emerging clinical issues and newly developed statistical methods * Presents a critical review of statistical methodologies in various therapeutic areas * Features case studies from actual clinical trials * Minimizes the mathematics involved, making the material widely accessible * Offers each chapter as a self-contained entity * Includes illustrations to highlight the text This monumental reference on all facets of clinical trials is important reading for physicians, clinical and medical researchers, pharmaceutical scientists, clinical programmers, biostatisticians, and anyone involved in this burgeoning area of clinical research. It can also be used as a textbook in graduate-level courses in the field.

  • Apoptosis and the Immune System

    Apoptosis and the Immune Response Edited by Christopher D. Gregory In this timely and important work, an international group ofleading investigators takes a close and critical look at programmedcell death and its role in the development, function, andmaintenance of the immune system. Along with covering the primaryactions of apoptosis, the contributors probe its role incarcinogenesis and HIV-induced pathogenesis. By offering a broadrange of views, Apoptosis and the Immune Response presents acurrent and complete picture of the various aspects andconsequences of this phenomenon. Apoptosis and the Immune Response begins with the theoriessurrounding apoptosis and then covers its basic mechanismsincluding the morphologic, biochemical, and genetic features. Thebook offers authoritative discussions on the role of apoptosis inthe deletion of self-reactive lymphocytes, prevention ofautoimmunity, termination of the immune response, death of T cellsinfected by the HIV virus, neoplasia, and the homeostaticregulation of the hematopoietic system. In particular, this excellent reference critiques such topics as: * Apoptosis in thymocytes in vivo and in vitro * Bcl-2/T-cell transgenics * The role of c-myc * Fas/APO-1 antigens and their roles * Transgenic models of B-cell tolerance and autoimmunity * How apoptosis affects the pathogenesis of AIDS and theimplications for therapy * Triggers for apoptosis and survival * Recognition of apoptotic cells by phagocytes * Apoptosis in peritoneal autoreactive CD5+ B cells * and more With its diverse expertise and timely, clear-cut insights,Apoptosis and the Immune Response will prove to be an invaluableresource for immunologists, cell and developmental biologists,hematologists, and oncologists--as well as graduate students. Cover Design: Janice Noto-Helmers

  • The Legal Answer Book for Nonprofit Organizations

    This book is a business law strategies book that looks at different legal and legitmate strategies that nonprofit managers can use in running their organizations.

  • The ISO 9000 Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Developing Quality Manuals and Procedures

    ISO 9000 authority, Greg Hutchins, presents a comprehensive resource that will assist anyone seeking information and updates on ISO standards. The workbook outlines a proven approach to developing and maintaining quality systems documentation. Starting with a review of quality procedures, work instructions and quality manuals, Hutchins includes a complete explanation of how to prepare each type of quality documentation. Sample quality manuals are included along with step-by-step advice and guidelines. Contains dozens of sample quality procedures and work instructions for a wide variety of business processes.

  • Principles of Electric Machines and Power Electronics

    This new edition combines the traditional areas of electric machinery with the latest in modern control and power electronics. It includes coverage of multi-machine systems, brushless motors and switched reluctance motors, as well as constant flux and constant current operation of induction motors. It also features additional material on new solid state devices such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors and MOS-Controlled Thrysistors.

  • Java for C/C++ Programmers

    The fastest way for C and C++ programmers to learn how to program with Java While most programmers look at Java mainly for building Web applets, this robust, interpreted, object-oriented language is very well-suited to the development of large-scale applications. Offering a fast way to learn Java inside and out, Java for C/C++ Programmers explains Java?s features in terms of their similarities and differences to C and C++. In fact, by building on C and C++ concepts you already know, you?ll be able to produce simple Java programs within an hour, and much more complex programs in just a few days. This book is all a C/C++ programmer needs to learn Java! Java for C/C++ Programmers, you?ll: Quickly master everything you need to develop full-scale applications using Java, including Java language, the Java Abstract Window Toolkit and applet programming. Every major concept is accompanied by a complete working Java program. Learn the basics of JavaScript programming and how it compares to Java. You?ll even get JavaScript source code that will add interactivity to your Web pages immediately. Learn how each C and C++ feature compares to Java, as well as Java techniques for implementing many of the features left out of the language intentionally such as pointers, variable arguments, and multiple-inheritance. Master the Java Class Library from descriptions and examples for every class and API listing in the library. Disk Includes: 100 complete Java and JavaScript source code examples from the book Useful Java applications such as a Java Database Management system, a graphical reminder application, and a multithreaded simulation Time-saving programmer utilities such as a Line Number filter, a Comment filter, and API extracto

  • Client/Server Survival Guide with OS/2

    A complete guide to client/server computing and the revolutionary changes occurring within the client/server paradigm. Orfali and Harkey give you the lowdown on the current crop of operating systems including OS/2, Windows NT, Windows 3.X, UNIX and NetWare. They also take a close look at communication stacks, distributed computing environments and messaging middleware from top manufacturers and go beyond the hype to provide a reality check on the database service, TP Monitor, groupware and distributed object models of client/servers. Finally, they offer invaluable information on designing, building, deploying and managing client/server applications.

  • Mastering CD-ROM Technology

    Everything you need to know to produce and package your own professional-quality CD-ROM products This book/CD-ROM set is written by Larry Boden, an internationally recognized expert in CD-ROM product development and manufacturing. He provides all the practical and technical information you need to choose a CD-ROM technology and platform, work with a CD-ROM replicator, and successfully market and distribute an original product. This book is ideal for nontechnical readers and multimedia developers with little or no background in CD-ROM technology. You?ll find professional advice on: Preparing files for CD-ROM format Working with CD-ROM replicators Working with a wide range of file formats and compression techniques Packaging and distributing your CD-ROM products All CD-ROM formats, including ISO 9660, Kodak Photo CD, XA, DVI, CD-1, CD WORM, and 3DO The CD-ROM works on PCs and Macintoshes, and includes: Additional CD-ROM packaging resources Over 400 images of CD-ROM surfaces, CD-ROM equipment, and the CD-ROM manufacturing process Flowcharts of the replication process Other useful management tools

  • Interest Rate Markets: A Practical Approach to Fixed Income

    How to build a framework for forecasting interest rate market movements With trillions of dollars worth of trades conducted every year in everything from U.S. Treasury bonds to mortgage-backed securities, the U.S. interest rate market is one of the largest fixed income markets in the world. Interest Rate Markets: A Practical Approach to Fixed Income details the typical quantitative tools used to analyze rates markets; the range of fixed income products on the cash side; interest rate movements; and, the derivatives side of the business. Emphasizes the importance of hedging and quantitatively managing risks inherent in interest rate trades Details the common trades which can be used by investors to take views on interest rates in an efficient manner, the methods used to accurately set up these trades, as well as common pitfalls and risks?providing examples from previous market stress events such as 2008 Includes exclusive access to the Interest Rate Markets Web site which includes commonly used calculations and trade construction methods Interest Rate Markets helps readers to understand the structural nature of the rates markets and to develop a framework for thinking about these markets intuitively, rather than focusing on mathematical models

  • Wiley CPA Exam Review 2012: Auditing and Attestation

    Everything today?s CPA candidates need to pass the CPA Exam Published annually, this comprehensive four-volume paperback reviews all four parts of the CPA exam. Many of the questions are taken directly from previous CPA exams. With 3,800 multiple-choice questions, these study guides provide all the information candidates need to master in order to pass the computerized Uniform CPA Examination. Its unique modular format helps you zero in on those areas that need more attention and organize your study program. Complete sample exam The most effective system available to prepare for the CPA exam proven for over thirty years Timely up-to-the-minute coverage for the computerized exam Contains all current AICPA content requirements in auditing and attestation; business environment and concepts; financial accounting and reporting; and regulation Unique modular format helps candidates zero in on areas that need work, organize their study program, and concentrate their efforts Comprehensive questions over 3,800 multiple-choice questions and their solutions in the four volumes Guidelines, pointers, and tips show how to build knowledge in a logical and reinforcing way Other titles by Whittington: Audit Sampling: An Introduction, Fifth Edition Wiley CPA Exam Review 2012 arms test-takers with detailed outlines, study guidelines, and skill-building problems to help candidates identify, focus on, and master the specific topics that need the most work.

  • Themes, Dreams, and Schemes: Banquet Menu Ideas, Concepts, and Thematic Experiences

    Are you looking to put more fun in your functions? More bang in your banquets? Now real help is at hand--with Themes, Dreams, and Schemes, the complete guide to menu and theme management for banquet, catering, and meeting/event planning operations. Filled with practical advice and using a step-by-step approach, this hands-on reference contains everything you need to know in order to design unique theme parties, develop winning menus, write compelling proposals, and negotiate effectively. The book features over 375 theme experiences and is packed with hundreds of innovative menu suggestions to get you started. There are menus for meeting breaks, receptions, and theme parties, as well as sit-down and buffet breakfasts, luncheons, and dinners--including low-cholesterol, low-fat, low-sodium, and kosher menus. New food combination and presentation ideas let you take the "blahs" out of menu planning and put the imagination back in. Drawing on over 30 years of international catering expertise, G. Eugene Wigger brings his well-informed perspective and tremendous enthusiasm to every aspect of the management process, from attendee and staff involvement strategies to smart ways to save on food and budget costs, prop purchase, and more. So why wait? Transform your dreams into wonderful themes, and devise the schemes that will make them come true. With this comprehensive sourcebook, you?re on your way to memorable special event planning. "Gene is a genius! This book will be THE resource for every caterer or special event manager who wishes to go beyond the ordinary and expected to produce a visual and culinary medium of delight." --Richard E. Marriott, Chairman of the Board, Host Marriott Corporation. "Gene Wigger is one of the most creative people in the business of ?Experience Creation.? This book is a wonderful resource." --Paul R. O?Neil, Vice President, Managing Director, Sheraton New York Hotel, Sheraton Manhattan Hotel. "Bravo! We have needed a book like this for a long time! It will be a valuable resource to stir up the creative juices of caterers and meeting planners alike." --Patti J. Shock, Associate Professor/Department Chair, Tourism & Convention Administration Department, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "Putting on a successful event that truly meets your objectives is both a science and an art. Gene Wigger is considered the ?Doctor of Creativity? of our industry. His work is a superb guide on how to get it done with taste, flair, and professionalism." --Frederic V. Malek, Chairman of the Board Thayer Capital Partners (Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Resorts). "When it comes to creative catering and special theme party events, Gene Wigger didn?t just write the book, he invented it!" --Scott A. Dillion, President SDI Travel and Incentives.

  • Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) Self-Study Guide: Preparing for the NRS II Certification Exams

    The definitive resource for the NRS II exams three complete courses in a book Alcatel-Lucent is a world leader in designing and developing scalable systems for service providers. If you are a network designer or operator who uses Alcatel-Lucent?s 7750 family of service routers, prepare for certification as an A-L network routing specialist with this complete self-study course. You?ll get thorough preparation for the NRS II exams while you learn to build state-of-the-art, scalable IP/MPLS-based service networks. The book provides you with an in-depth understanding of the protocols and technologies involved in building an IP/MPLS network while teaching you how to avoid pitfalls and employ the most successful techniques available. Topics covered include interior routing protocols, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), Layer2/Layer3 services and IPv6. The included CD features practice exam questions, sample lab exercises, and more. Prepares network professionals for Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Certification (SRC) exams 4A0-101, 4A0-103, 4A0-104 and NRSII4A0 Covers content from Alcatel-Lucent?s SRC courses on Interior Routing Protocols, Multiprotocol Label Switching, and Services Architecture Specific topics include MPLS (RSVP-TE and LDP), services architecture, Layer2/Layer 3 services (VPWS/VPLS/VPRN/IES/service inter-working/IPv6 tunneling), and OSPF and IS-IS for traffic engineering and IPv6. CD includes practice exam questions, lab exercises and solutions. This Self-Study Guide is the authoritative resource for network professionals preparing for the Alcatel-Lucent NRS II certification exams.

  • Architecture and Beauty: Conversations with Architects about a Troubled Relationship

    Beauty provides the dynamic catalyst for sixteen very charged and individual discussions about architecture and design. Based on a series of interviews by Yael Reisner, Architecture and Beauty has been developed into sixteen individual chapter/portraits, written up by Fleur Watson, that eloquently recount the thoughts of some of the world s most creative designers. Each interviewee candidly expresses their beliefs and experiences and espouses their own distinctive position on aesthetics. Offering up rare and often highly personal insights into the minds of today s most progressive and high-profile architects, the book is lusciously illustrated with the works that the architects discuss. Featured architects: Will Alsop, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Peter Cook, Odile Decq, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Zvi Hecker, Mark Goulthorpe, Kolatan/MacDonald Studio, Greg Lynn, Tom Mayne, Juhani Pallasmaa, Gaetano Pesce, Eric Owen Moss, Wolf Prix and Lebbeus Woods.

  • Circuit Analysis

    This text contains an organizational structure which applies the full range of range of fundamental concepts to each type of circuit before moving on to the next. The book adopts a building block approach applying three fundamental concepts (resistance, inductance, capacitance) to a series of circuits, starting with simple designs and gradually increasing in complexity.

  • How to be a Presentation God: Build, Design, and Deliver Presentations that Dominate

    How to build, design, and deliver a fire-breathing, wing-flapping, roar-bellowing behemoth of a presentation Unlike most presentation books that say the same things regarding presentation design and delivery (less is more, get rid of bullets and use images, emulate Steve Jobs, and so on), How to Be a Presentation God actually divulges step-by-step secrets for how to build, design, and deliver blockbuster presentations. By providing entertaining and clever presentation insights, veteran presenter Scott Schwertly gives you the in?s and out?s for presenting yourself, your business, and your cause with an easy-to-implement approach. Focuses on content, design, and delivery Author is a regular speaker at national and regional industry conferences such as PowerPoint Live and Presentation Camps, and is the founder of the award-winning Ethos3 Communications Author is the creator of an app, Present, that landed in the top-20 iPhone apps in the Business category on iTunes How to be a Presentation God will ensure that your presentations reach a new level of effectiveness.

  • Developing a Successful Wireless Enterprise Strategy: A Manager′s Guide

    The first, comprehensive strategy guide to wireless applications, synchronization, and backends This book is for managers everywhere who feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of wireless technology options available to them. Author Scott Sbihli cuts through the hype and offers a rational framework to help managers determine their wireless strategy, figure out which handheld enterprise solutions will give the greatest return, and evaluate and choose the most appropriate technologies, in order to give them the competitive edge that their company requires. With the help of real-life examples and case studies, readers get the low-down on the trends, emerging technologies, security and maintenance issues, bottom line wireless costs, and much more.