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The Story of Sanat Kumara: Training a Planetary Logos PDF Books

The Story of Sanat Kumara: Training a Planetary Logos

How was the beauty of this world created? The answer is in the story of Earth's Logos, the great being Sanat Kumara. A journey through his eyes as he learns the real-life lessons of training along the path of mastery.

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The Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem PDF Books

The Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem

According to Parlett, 'Vibrations are everywhere, and so too are the eigenvalues associated with them. As mathematical models invade more and more disciplines, we can anticipate a demand for eigenvalue calculations in an ever richer variety of contexts.' Anyone who performs these calculations will welcome the reprinting of Parlett's book (originally published in 1980). In this unabridged, amended version, Parlett covers aspects of the problem that are not easily found elsewhere. The chapter titles convey the scope of the material succinctly. The aim of the book is to present mathematical knowledge that is needed in order to understand the art of computing eigenvalues of real symmetric matrices, either all of them or only a few. The author explains why the selected information really matters and he is not shy about making judgments. The commentary is lively but the proofs are terse.

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TODAY, I WISH FOR YOU - Inspiration, Happiness, Love, Insights, Kindness, Abundance, Passion, Appreciation, Joy, Prosperity, Free Money. 30 DAYS of inspirational words to uplift, comfort and inspire. PDF Books

TODAY, I WISH FOR YOU - Inspiration, Happiness, Love, Insights, Kindness, Abundance, Passion, Appreciation, Joy, Prosperity, Free Money. 30 DAYS of inspirational words to uplift, comfort and inspire.

What if, when you opened your eyes in the morning, the first thing you saw was your fairy godmother, or an angel, or your higher self, or a celestial being, or someone you love who always has your best interest at heart? What if they had been waiting for you to awaken, just so they could tell you what they had in store for you today? What if, instead of rushing out the door with a cup of coffee and a mind full of worry and negative expectations, you took a few moments to allow this being to help you start your day? What if they wanted to fill your mind with the most beautiful thoughts and infuse your being with infinite possibilities of what might happen if you were open to let it all in? Would it put a smile on your face to know happiness is only a moment away? That today, someone had your back and wanted the best for you. Would you feel good about your next day as you lay down to sleep each evening? Would you wonder what they would say today, that might inspire you, comfort you, make you think, cause you to laugh, ease your burdens, open your heart, and motivate you to move forward with your dreams? What if they offered you a new way of looking at the world, outside the box, or made you feel you were given a nice warm hug of encouragement for today? What if, simply by absorbing their words of daily inspiration, you were transported to a magical place where anything was possible? Well, for the next 30 days, I will be that someone, if you let me. It will be my honor, my joy, my reason for being to offer you the world, at least in the form of - Today, I Wish For You. It is a scientific fact that we are all connected, and whatever our intention is for ourselves and for another is a powerful thing. This book was written with YOU in mind. Yes, you, the person reading these words right now. "Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them." ~ Carmelo Anthony So, what are our plans for today? Perhaps we will state a declaration or decree to possibly create some free money or read a powerful blessing to help manifest more abundance and prosperity into our lives? Maybe we'll enjoy delicious afternoon tea together at three o'clock or indulge in some decadent chocolate with zero calories. Possibly, we may become a silent angel for another soul and spread random acts of kindness wherever we go. We could watch with amazement, as a ladybug takes flight in a way we had never noticed before, or we could create something new to give to the world. On another day, we could shower ourselves with appreciation for all that we are or give up the shoulds and the woulds and the coulds and do something different, something that shakes us up and rocks our world. How about letting our imagination soar, setting our passion free, or resting in this precious timeless moment, experiencing the real power of now? Let's make a wish for ourselves and a person we love and send it out into the world, or listen to a guided audio meditation, or choose to be happy for no reason. Is it finally time to believe that anything is possible? It is all here for you. Waiting... Will you join me? Will you take your place beside me? Will you answer the call, hear the whisper, say yes to the magic, dance with the wonder, allow in the miracles? Will you?

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Animal Eyes PDF Books

Animal Eyes

Animals use their eyes to surprise, mesmerize, light the night, and start fights! This bright, colorful book explores the sensational variety of eyes in the world's animals. Discover trick eyes, sideways eyes, glow-in-the-dark eyes, giant eyes, see-through eyes, and many more. Includes fun, easy experiments that illustrate the way animal eyes work, cool eye facts to gross out family and friends, matching game, glossary, and index.

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The Occult Diaries of R. Ogilvie Crombie PDF Books

The Occult Diaries of R. Ogilvie Crombie

Robert Ogilvie Crombie is probably best known as one of the seminal figures in the history of the Findhorn Foundation community in northern Scotland. He was the elderly Scottish gentleman who spoke with nature spirits. But there was much more to this man's life and work than just his association with Findhorn. As a scientist, hermetic magician, and a researcher of the psychic realms, he was in many ways a key figure in the history of esotericism in the twentieth century. His story is less-well known than it could be simply because he worked in solitude and privacy. He did not write books and did not take students or attempt to found a group or an esoteric school. When he shared some of his inner work with the world at large, he did so through the lens of the Findhorn community. In so doing, he exerted a powerful influence on the imagination and spiritual work of thousands of people around the globe, particularly in how they view humanity's relationship and responsibility to the natural world. For anyone interested in the history of Findhorn, the Western occult and magical traditions, or the life of a working adept, this book is a must-read.

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